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Super Script in .html

Today we talk about Super Script, Blockquote and Del in Microsoft .html. Class 15

Salary Sheet in Excel

Today we discuss how to make Salary Sheet in Microsoft Excel.
Excel in Urdu Class 15

Super global array in .PHP

Know about Super Global Array in .php. In this class we discuss .php, html farms and element Class 17

Data Direction in Networking

In this networking class we discuss, how to set data direction in computer networking. Class 3

Shortcut Keys and Save file Word

In today class we tell you, how to save file and use shortcut keys microsoft word. Class 9

Meta Title Code SEO Urdu

In SEO Urdu class we tell you, How to insert Meta Title in .html Page. Class 9th

.html urdu class

In this file, we tell you, how to align text left side .html Class 13

Excel formula use

In Microsoft Excel Class 13th, we talk how to use excel formula. Class 13

PHP Short Tags Use

Today we tell you, how to use short tags or asp style tags in .PHP. Class 14

Create MS Word File

In this class, we tell you how to create New File in Microsoft Word. Class 8

Title Tag in Site SEO Urdu Class

In this SEO Class, We tell you, what is Title Tags in Site and how tag increase page rank. Class 8

Embed php Script in html

In this Class we tell you, how to embed .php script in .html. PHP in Urdu Class 14

Meta Tags Introduction in Urdu

SEO Worker need to know, What is Meta Tags in Search Engine Optimization.
In this class we describe what is Meta Tags and use. Class 6